Deutsche Atlantische Gesellschaft e.V.

Head of Munich Chapter, German Atlantic Association

Brigadegeneral a.D. Helmut Dotzler

Regionalleitung Forum München

Brig. Gen. Dotzler was appointed commander Territorial Command Bavaria in Munich on Nov. 27, 2013 until 2019. In this function, he was the highest Military Representative of German Forces in Bavaria. After joining the Bundeswehr in 1976, he completed his Air Force officer training with stations in Germany and the United States of America. General Dotzler finished his studies at the Bundeswehr Academy with a diploma in Business Administration. He went through numerous appointments as general staff officer at the Federal Ministry of Defense (FMoD), the Air Force Office, the Air Force Support Command, and worked as military assistant to the Chief of the German Air Force. He was appointed branch head at the FMoD Air Staff, acting director and project manager at the NATO Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers in Mons, Belgium and chief of cabinet to Parliamentarian State Secretary Christian Schmidt in Berlin. Prior to his command in Munich, Brigadier General Dotzler served as head of the German Liaison Team to headquarters, United States Central Command, in Tampa.
He is the Head of the Munich Chapter of the German Atlantic Association.

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