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Germany´s contribution to Lithuania

Webinar by YATA Estonia, Lithuania and Germany on 05.12 at 4.30pm German time (at 5.30pm Tallinn-Vilnius time)

This webinar is part of the series where we introduce eFP in the Baltics and Poland. Estonian Atlantic Treaty Association (EATA) and YATA Estonia have done a webinar with fellow chapters together with the British eFP in Estonia in March, with the Canadians leading the eFP in Latvia in October and an event on the US contributing to the eFP located in Poland in November.

The lead nation for eFP in Lithuania is Germany. Our final webinar is taking place 05.12 (at 5.30pm Tallinn-Vilnius time, at 4.30pm German time), where this time YATA Germany has the role of a being moderator. The event will have a presentation by LTC (GS) Bernd Homuth and 10-minutes for questions-answers. Questions can be sent by replying to this email or asked during the event. The event is supported by NATO and the Embassy of German in Estonia.

Register via Zoom here!


5. Dezember 2023
16:30 – 17:30
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