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International call for applications: Danish Atlantic Youth Seminar 2021 (DAYS)

DAYS 2021 will be held in a different format than usual, as this year’s seminar will be twofold. The first part of DAYS will be entirely held online from the 27th to 29th of September, while the second part will be held physically in Copenhagen from the 27th to 29th of October.

The online part of the seminar will be focused around NATO and the current challenges facing the alliance. It will provide a current security situation for NATO from all sides, as well as debate some of the future threats NATO might come to face. The physical part of the seminar in Copenhagen will be centered around the Arctic, and the security policies concerning the Arctic region. Furthermore there will be fieldtrips and as it is custom, a farewell dinner will be held on the last day of the seminar.

There will be a total of 30 spots available, and there will be an attendance fee of 80€ to partake in the seminar. The fee covers accommodation, breakfast, lunch, two dinners (27th and 29th of October). Please not transport to and from Copenhagen will not be covered.

In order to apply for DAYS 2021, you must fill in the form linked below. The deadline for applying is the 20th of August. We will afterwards contact the invitees with practical information. If selected the applicant must pay the fee before the 31th of August or the spot will be passed on. Please note that the application is for the whole seminar online and physical.

Program is still TBA but will follow in mid-august.


If you are selected, we would be very happy to receive a report for the YATA website. This would of course be published with your name.


27. September 2021
29. September 2021




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