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International Security Forum Bonn 2021

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We are happy to announce that this is the second time the German Atlantic Association (Deutsche Atlantische Gesellschaft) serves as one of the partners for the International Security Forum Bonn. 

The International Security Forum Bonn serves as a platform for distinguished international experts and practitioners of security and foreign policy to debate key challenges in international politics and the future of transatlantic relations. Our goal is to identify resources and means of a successful European and transatlantic foreign and security policy, as well as to propose comprehensive strategic solutions to pressing security challenges.

The Main Day at ISFB 2021, titled “Towards a Green Deal and beyond: Germany, America and the world ahead”, will focus on climate security, taking an in-depth look at the so-called Green New Deal. This program, established by US president Joe Biden, promotes global cooperation to combat the urgent issue of climate change. Experts of different backgrounds will assess the Green New Deal’s impact on the transatlantic relationship, as well as its role in bringing Asian countries into the fold of climate protection.

This year’s Special Focus Day “The Rise of Eastern Modernity? European Responses to China’s Global Role” addresses the implications of China’s growing global role. The day will discuss the complex ways in which China’s rapid modernization and its international ramifications influence European countries and transatlantic relations. The challenge of systemic competition with China looms large for democracies. But discussions will also shed light on the opportunities for the joint provision of global public goods and the collective management of security issues. Engaging these and other themes inevitably raises the strategic importance of China’s rise for Europe in terms of risks, priorities, and options.

The conference will conclude with the »Strategic Foresight Workshop«, which aims to give students and young practitioners and experts professional insights in the instruments of strategic foresight, scenario and strategy development. The young participants will adopt and exercise these skills in outlining and analyzing the development of China’s strategic interests in the next five years as well as their implementation in a multidimensional European, US‑, and German perspective. Based on the development of five different scenarios, they will try to develop a coherent, resilient strategy to adopt it. 

You can find the entire program at the CASSIS-website.

Watch all public events here.




28. September 2021, 16:30
30. September 2021, 10:00


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