THE CSDP (GSVP) IN 2020 – The EU’s legacy and ambition in security and defence

Loo­king back over the last 20 years of CSDP, this book pro­vi­des an ana­ly­ti­cal over­view of the key his­to­ri­cal deve­lo­p­ments and cri­ti­cal­ly app­rai­ses the suc­ces­ses and fail­u­res char­ted over two deca­des. A host of lea­ding think tank ana­lysts and a seni­or EU offi­cial look at issu­es such as insti­tu­tio­nal design, ope­ra­ti­ons and mis­si­ons, capa­bi­li­ties, indus­try and civi­li­an cri­sis manage­ment. 

The book is not just a his­to­ri­cal record, howe­ver: several chap­ters look at the geo­po­li­ti­cal chal­len­ges facing the EU. The con­tri­bu­tors look at emer­ging secu­ri­ty chal­len­ges, the natu­re of per­mis­si­bi­li­ty, the inter­nal-exter­nal secu­ri­ty nexus, the defence indus­try and civi­li­an CSDP. Tog­e­ther, the chap­ters under­line the need for the EU to match its rhe­to­ric on secu­ri­ty and defence with capa­bi­li­ties and poli­ti­cal ambi­ti­on.

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