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Discussing inclusive security

21 years since the Resolution UNSCR 1325 that recognised the importance of gender equity in Inclusive Security

INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM by Women In International Security – Hellas in cooperation with the Greek Association for Atlantic & European Cooperation

Hybrid with live transmission.
Inclusive – Human Security, Green Deal, 4 th Industrial Revolution, Interdependence and the Pandemic Challenge. In-Security and Resilience.


The recently, legally under the Greek Civil Law, established NGO under the name WIIS-Hellas  Women In International Security-Hellas, member of the global organization organize a very interesting hybrid Conference, on Wednesday November 24, 2021, at 16.30 Athens time (UTC+2), in Greek and English, with simultaneous translation.

The event is supported by Public Diplomacy Division /NATO and two NATO executives will take part.

The Founder and President is Dr. Aliki Mitsakos, also SG of GAAEC, and Ms. Zoe Kordou, former President of YATA-Greece is Member of the Board.

Before becoming the officially registered NGO, WIIS-Hellas was an autonomous program of GAAEC since 2002, as the Women’s section, focusing among other issues on the historic  UN Resolution 1325.



Introduction / Human Inclusive Security
Aliki Mitsakos, M.D., Ph.D., President WIIS-Hellas

NATO 2030 Agenda
Ino Afentouli, Program Manager, NATO’s Public Diplomacy Division (Engagements Team)

Looking forward to 2030: Challenges and Opportunities for the WPS Agenda
Ariela Blätter, President & CEO Women In International Security (WIIS GLOBAL)

Resilience and gender
Maria Syreggela, Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Protection responsible for the Demography and Family Policy

Migration and unaccompanied refugee children. Protection and security
Sofia Voultepsi, Deputy Minister of Migration and Asylum in charge of Integration, Member of Parliament (Athens B3 Constituency)

Inclusive security in a society of new threats and challenges
Theodoros Papatheodorou, Professor, University of the Peloponnese, f. Deputy Minister of Education, f. MP f. Rector, University of the Peloponnese

Economic interdependency and security
Phoebe Koundouri, Professor, Athens University of Economics and Business; Fellow World Academy of Art and Science; President-Elect of the European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists; Co-chair SDSN Europe & SDSN Greece

Efthalia (Elia) Chatzigianni, Associate Professor of International Organizations, Sport Management Department, University of Peloponnes

Climate change in everyday life and natural disasters
Christos Stylianides, Minister for the Climate Crisis and Civil Protection

Institutional framework for tackling global non-military threats, even using military resources, guided by human well-being and resilience
Georgios Kostakos, co-founder and Executive Director Foundation for Global Governance and Sustainability (FOGGS)

NATO – questioning assumptions
Allison Hart, Acting Special Representative for Women, Peace and Security, Head, Human Security Unit, Office of the Secretary General at NATO

Women in Diplomacy
Catherine Boura, Ambassador adh

Human Security and Geopolitics/Geostrategy
Marios Efthymiopoulos, Associate professor of International Security and Strategy, Dean of the College of Security and Global Studies, American University in the Emirates, founder and CEO of Strategy International (SI) Ltd Cyprus

Zoe Kordou, Biochemist, Ph.D. candidate, University of Patras, Borad WIIS-Hellas

Human security and personal security in the digital era
Athanassios Kosmopoulos, Data Protection Officer, Ministry of Digital Governance

Inclusive Security basics in formal education
Zetta Makri, Deputy Minister of Education and Religious Affairs, Member of Parliament (Magnesia)

Gender & career in international security and foreign affairs: thinking out of the box
Elena Lazarou, Acting Head of External Policies Unit, European Parliamentary Research Service (EPRS)

The contribution of the National Action Plan for Gender Equality to the National Action Plan on »Women – Peace – Security«
Yanna Hormova, Secretary General for Family Policy and Gender Equality

And yet … women were leading forever!
Stergios Katichoritis, Architect, Sociologist, Board WIISHellas

Theodossis Georgiou, President G.A.A.E.C.


24. November 2021
15:30 – 19:00
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