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Global Alliance of Democracies – Addressing the Dynamics of System Rivalry

YATA Ger­ma­ny and Hanns Sei­del foun­da­ti­on present:

Glo­bal Alli­an­ce of Demo­cra­ci­es – Addres­sing the Dyna­mics of Sys­tem Rivalry

 Tues­day, July 6, 2021
13:00 – 14:00 EDT / 19:00 – 20:00 CET
Zoom Link:‑w

Rese­arch Fellow
Glo­bal Public Poli­cy Institute

Office of Euro­pean and Eura­si­an Affairs
Bureau of Demo­cra­cy, Human Rights, and Labor
United Sta­tes Depart­ment of State

Pro­gram Manager
Hanns Sei­del Foun­da­ti­on Washing­ton Office

Advan­cing the tra­di­tio­nal U.S. goal of streng­t­he­ning alli­an­ces bet­ween demo­cra­ci­es repres­ents one of the Biden administration’s top prio­ri­ties in for­eign poli­cy. Dri­ven by the emer­ging sys­temic rival­ry with the People’s Repu­blic of Chi­na, the lea­ding role of the G7 mem­ber nati­ons of main­tai­ning a world order – based on rules and demo­cra­tic values – has come under signi­fi­cant pres­su­re. Free­dom House recent­ly repor­ted the 15th con­se­cu­ti­ve year of decli­ne in glo­bal free­dom. As aut­ho­ri­ta­ri­an actors seek to streng­t­hen their inter­na­tio­nal influ­ence and spur on a break­down of demo­cra­cy, the United Sta­tes and its Euro­pean allies are eager to reach out bey­ond the trans­at­lan­tic sphe­re to build a coali­ti­on of like­min­ded nati­ons to address the­se ambi­ti­ons. Our dis­cus­sion will explo­re the abi­li­ty of a “Glo­bal Alli­an­ce of Demo­cra­ci­es” to coun­ter­act this trend. Fur­ther­mo­re, what stra­te­gic goals would gui­de this coope­ra­ti­on bet­ween demo­cra­ci­es? What are the advan­ta­ges and dis­ad­van­ta­ges of such an approach?

We cor­di­al­ly invi­te you to join our dis­cus­sion in a joint ses­si­on of the Hanns Sei­del Foun­da­ti­on and YATA Ger­ma­ny. We are loo­king for­ward to an inte­res­ting dis­cour­se, wel­co­m­ing YATAs from all natio­nal chap­ters, our friends of the young trans­at­lan­tic initia­ti­ve and many more young lea­ders on both sides of the Atlantic.

Plea­se regis­ter through the fol­lowing zoom link, to be able to actively par­ti­ci­pa­te and con­tri­bu­te your ques­ti­ons in the Q&A for­mat at the end of the event:‑w


6. Juli 2021
19:00 – 20:00




YATA Germany