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Raising awareness about the importance of NATO’s eFP BG countries

Veranstaltungshinweis unserer Dachorganisationen ATA und YATA international

»Raising awareness about the importance of NATO’s eFP BG countries” with the Assistant Secretary-General for Public Diplomacy: Amb. Baiba Braže.  

This programme provides a vehicle for the youth of the Alliance to share their vision on the importance of NATO’s eFP BG countries. The program will open with Mr. James Townsend, ATA President welcoming the audience and participants and introducing YATA President Ms. Juxhina Gjoni, who will moderate a discussion with the YATA members from across the Alliance and the keynote speaker Amb. Baiba Braze, Assistant Secretary General for Public Diplomacy Division at NATO.
At the end of the event, YATA representatives from eFP BG countries like Montenegro, Spain, Norway, Lithuania, and the Netherlands will participate in a quick round of remarks. Ms. Gjoni and Mr. Townsend will conclude the event on behalf of the ATA and YATA.

The event is organized by YATA and ATA, with the support of NATO PDD. 

We invite you to participate and to share this email with your members, as well to publish the announcement on your web pages and social media channels. 

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1. Juli 2021
16:00 – 17:30




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