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Call for Application: NATO’s Future Seminar 2022 in Berlin

YATA Germany will host a seminar from November 18–20, 2022, focusing on key issues of transatlantic security.

YATA Germany is pleased to announce that applications for the upcoming NATOs Future Seminar 2022 taking place between November 18 to 20 in Berlin are now being accepted.

Are you a student/academic/professional and you believe that transatlantic security policy is not a matter reserved only for politicians or diplomats? And would you also like to partake in a conference on vital questions of NATO policy to exchange with like-minded peers and NATO-experts?
Then the organising team of NATO’s Future Seminar 2022 would be delighted to receive your application:

Around 30 participants will be selected and be provided with accommodation and travel reimbursements. Please note the participation conditions listed under the link above.

Every year, YATA Germany organises the NATO’s Future Seminar to assemble young people from across all NATO and Partnership for Peace Programme member states to discuss and formulate policy-recommendations for NATO policy. The aim of the seminar is to encourage dialogue and connections between NATO-experts and emerging leaders from the younger generation. Beforehand, participants will select among the three topics of NATO policy and write a short essay on their topic.

This year’s topics are:
I.              The Ability to Deter: How NATO Responds to Russian Belligerence in Eastern Europe

II.            NATO’s New Strategic Concept: What Strategies to Deal with Strategic Competition?

III.           New Era of European Defence Cooperation: What EU-NATO Cooperation?

For any further questions and information, get in touch with us on Twitter, Instagram,LinkedIn, Facebook or via

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Berlin!

YATA Germany Executive Board

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